Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Long Time has passed....

So a year and half later and I have forgotten I had a blog. Not forgotten, just not had any time. I barely update Facebook with photos let alone write on a blog and post pictures. But I realize I have become a lot worse at keeping track of what's going on in my life... I take less pictures, don't write in a journal anymore, etc... so I feel like the last 2 years will be forgotten some time down the road. So at some point, for myself, I might actually start to keep up the blog again. I guess when I have a baby (not an announcement) I might be more motivated to post some pictures and update more often.

So my goal is to start again, and post pictures from the past year... although nothing too exciting has happened, I will want to remember my first couple years of marriage down the road!

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carLy hart crandaLL said...

Wow!! You are back?! Hip hip! Xxoo