Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Long Time has passed....

So a year and half later and I have forgotten I had a blog. Not forgotten, just not had any time. I barely update Facebook with photos let alone write on a blog and post pictures. But I realize I have become a lot worse at keeping track of what's going on in my life... I take less pictures, don't write in a journal anymore, etc... so I feel like the last 2 years will be forgotten some time down the road. So at some point, for myself, I might actually start to keep up the blog again. I guess when I have a baby (not an announcement) I might be more motivated to post some pictures and update more often.

So my goal is to start again, and post pictures from the past year... although nothing too exciting has happened, I will want to remember my first couple years of marriage down the road!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


To kick off our Europe trip we started in Madrid, meeting up with the whole family (whom came a couple days before.) We spent 2 days in Madrid before heading down to the coast. Madrid is a cool city... not my "favorite" european city or even spanish city (that would be Barcelona), but we had a good time, and I was happy to be back in Europe!

In the airport about to start our long journey to Spain. We had an awesome layover in San Jose, then Dallas, then we made it to Madrid!

The "kids" outside the temple

We went to visit the Palace, which was HUGE. Had a pretty nice view too...

Outside the palace in Madrid

The Boys

Nathan gets his mission call and goes to temple!

Nathan waited to open his Mission when we were all together in Madrid! He had it for several days unopened (He has great will power). Our family had a poll for where he was going to go, with a $100 prize from my dad to be awarded to the geographically closest guess... so this was a big moment for us all! :)
The verdict??? The Paraguay North Mission!!! He will be up in the rural area of Paraguay, learning Spanish and the native Indian language.
The winner of the Mission poll was a tie... Joseph picked Argentina and Nate picked Brazil!

Here is Nathan outside the Temple in Madrid where we all went through with him.

My immediate family outside the temple

Outside the Madrid Temple, which is so Beautiful!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring is soon becoming Summer

Some things I have loved this Spring:

Being married
Working from home or while basking in the sun
Loving my job
skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
Having a SD Zoo membership
Having some of my favorite people come to town
Trips to AZ for no reason
Sleeping in
Doing P90x yoga with Nate in our tiny apt
Herbal Tea
Going on Walks
Redbox movies
Planning our Europe trip
mtn biking
cooking with Nate
Hanging out with friends
Sundays with family
the weather
Sushi Diner
sour patch kids
The Biggest Loser, AI, The Office and Extreme Home Makeover
Krav Maga

Now you are caught up on our lives.... exciting, I know...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding details

For those of you that are sick of wedding pictures... sorry. But several people who didn't come to the wedding were asking about the details. So here are some pictures of the details from the wedding! Enjoy.

Location of Reception in la Jolla, CA

Getting orea cookies off my car weeks after my wedding? Not fun.

The candy bar was a big hit

Outside time

My mom did a great job on the centerpieces

Meditteranian Station

The view from the museum

The back patio where the event began


The cake

Other table arrangments

Delicious appatizer

The museum layout

Couldnt have asked for a better sunset

The view

sign in table

Love Ikea lanterns

wildflowers outside

My bouquet

photographers creativity

French Fries

Bridesmaid flowers

Modern art outside museum

Shout out to my Friends and Family

Ok, so today is my 4 month aniversary. I should have posted these pics months ago... and for those sick of seeing wedding pictures... sorry... but I wanted to post some of my HOT bridesmaids, and the ok groomsmen. (JK) But I love all my friends and family...And per request to those you check my blog and see nothing has changed... here is something new to look at!

Fab Four from freshman year

The first Dance
Cutting the Cake

The bouquet Toss
Some good friends

All siblings

Dad's crazy side of family

Mom's side of Family

The Larson Guys

Both Families

Evan's nieces and nephews


Larson Siblings

My Parents

Nate and parents

Gummy Worms

The whole Group

The Ladies